Scaffold to the Moon is a tale of life, hope, dreams and aspiration, and an ode to those that shape and inspire us. Exploring the lines of photographic and illustrative storytelling, Huw Alden Davies’ new photobook / short-novel is a dramatic and often humorous study of the artist’s father, a bi-product of a generation, and his devoted mother, central characters to his beloved Tumble.


“When people open the cover of Scaffold to the Moon, I want them to lose themselves for a moment; I want them to laugh, think, reminisce; remember, that innocence, hope and optimism they once felt, and I want them to remember that special someone, daft as a brush, who reminds us that sometimes it’s ok to let go. To not care, to be silly, be free, have fun. The world is a big place, a serious one with many big problems. Just remember, if we were standing on the moon, we would quickly be reminded how little we really are”. Huw Alden Davies

Scaffold to the Moon by Huw Alden Davies


    Available: 05 October 


    Size: 270 x 210mm

    Pages: 100 Pages Including Text 

    and Photographs 

    Hardcover - Sewn

    Litho Four Colour process 

    Edition of 500

    Publisher: iPigeon 

    Date: September 2020


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