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Scaffold to the Moon is a tale of life, hope, dreams and aspiration, and an ode to those that shape and inspire us. Exploring the lines of photographic and illustrative storytelling, Huw Alden Davies’ new monograph / photobook is a dramatic and often humorous study of the artist’s father, a bi-product of a generation, and his devoted mother, central characters to this story of life in the Welsh Gwendraeth Valley.


“When people open the cover of Scaffold to the Moon, I want them to lose themselves for a moment; I want them to laugh, think, reminisce; remember, that innocence, hope and optimism they once felt, and I want them to remember that special someone, daft as a brush, who reminds us that sometimes it’s ok to let go. To not care, to be silly, be free, have fun. The world is a big place, a serious one with many big problems. Just remember, if we were standing on the moon, we would quickly be reminded how little we really are”. Huw Alden Davies




What people are saying about Scaffold to the Moon - scroll down:


“The author’s illustrative anecdotal storytelling that truly breathes life into this acutely personal document of the life and history of his family”. Wales Arts Review


"This book is extremely touching, and that comes across in the way Davies takes care to observe and record everything with the mindset of a curator, and the heart of a son". Cary Benbow (F-Stop)


“One of the more surprising and light-hearted publications of the past few years in which the extraordinariness of an ordinary life is rendered with care… a fond ribbing”. Matt Johnson (Photomonitor).


This is a book about love, affection, and humour, but also about the symbols of masculinity in class that are passed on through a Welsh sense of nostalgia, and then bypassed as foundations for a new life sought. There is a communion here between father and son which is low-key and rather touching. Richard West (Source Magazine)


'Scaffold to the Moon' by @AldenHuw amazing photobook like no other. Ross Wheatley


“OMG, this book is genius!! Everything about this is amazing. Especially you”. Patricia Lay Dorsey


“An absolutely brilliant piece of work by Huw Alden Davies”. Phil Scully


“This is a great publication. The narrative text and writing is wonderful. So many laughs and reflections on life”. Sebastian Bustamante


“And utterly amazing book from Huw Alden Davies, dust of that purse”. Al Brydon


“It's been a long journey for Huw Alden Davies and it's a beautiful book and a great project, so worth the wait”. David Drake.


"Super stoked to get my copy of this beautiful book, an equally moving and exhilarating tribute to unique parents and to tactility. Magic, Huw!".  Michal Iwanowski


“What a book! A treasure of text and imagery. I'll enjoy reading through this. Very well done Huw. I'm going to take a lot of inspiration from this”. Robert Law


“This should come with an emotional warning, seriously. I am crying one minute and the next, I’m laughing my head off. WTF is that about. Fab book”. Tina Thomas


“It's an excruciating rollercoaster of emotions I'm left with the ball in my stomach reading the ‘off to the homes’ lines. It's deeply sad and funny in equal measures. But. Most of all knowing not not striking someone with a frying pan is true love, it's epic. Thank you”. Michael Ditch


“Sat down this morning with a cup of tea, got to read and look through some lovely photographs and words by Huw Alden Davies in his new book ‘Scaffold to the Moon’ it was so honest funny and intriguing. I loved reading about Prince and his numerous collections and inventions, such as the toilet Roll warmer. Genius. Check it out if you get the chance”. Millie Bethel


“I was excited to get my copy of Huw Alden Davies’ Scaffold to the Moon, A study of Huw’s  father and community, and where his father grew up. This book is so nicely produced and the photos are gorgeous. The stories inside about Prince are actually laugh out loud funny, while some of the sections are really sweet and thought-provoking. I enjoyed this a lot. I love reading about relationships and characters, and scaffold to the moon brings all its characters to life so well”.  Martha O’Bien (Nawr Mag)


“Love love love this so much. A beautiful book about life. the beauty, absurdity, hilarity and tenderness of life and our relationships within. We all have stories like these and people like these. When we are separated from so many people this is a timely reminder of better days. Wonderful to support this artists work. Get yourself a copy now before they sell out.” Imogen Mills


“We are so enjoying this fantastic book right now. No book at any other time has been discussed more in the house than this one. You read one paragraph and it triggers 20 minutes of pictures in your brain. It’s beyond a class act”. Tim Lyn


“I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this book. I've just read the cake in the face surprise I love the way I can pick it up and have a read have a look and go back again as you actually have to do as it's so full of life in that moment”.  Nanw Jenkins


“I am loving this book. Honestly I've had so many laugh out loud moments”. Emma Louise Walters



Scaffold to the Moon by Huw Alden Davies

  • Size: 270 x 210mm

    Pages: 100 Pages Including Text 

    and Photographs 

    Hardcover - Sewn

    Litho Four Colour process 

    Edition of 500

    Publisher: iPigeon 

    Date: September 2020


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