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A small independent publisher on a very big mission.


Beginning as an artist collaboration project dedicated to exploring visual concepts and theory through traditional and contemporary processes, iPigeon was formed by two frustrated but super enthused photographers Daniel Staveley and Huw Alden Davies, who’s love for photobooks, matched with an incessant need to make things and put them out there for the world to see, got them thinking… ‘why not start a Photobook label’.  And as the old saying goes, if you want something done, you just gotta do it yourself. So here we are.  


Starting small it is iPigeons plan to release a series of self published titles in the very near future. This plan unfortunately, at this time can not accommodate submissions from other artists, however it is part of their mission and long term goal to support and offer its services to visual artists making work that reflects the social and cultural identity of Wales, and are always interested in hearing about your projects. 

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